How to Find a Social Worker for your Elderly Parents

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Written By: Michelle Bayno BSW, BA
The time has come that you need to find a social worker for your elderly parent. You will need to find a social worker that specializes in geriatrics. This type of social worker is referred to as a “geriatric social worker”. This type of social worker has a specialty and expertise working with senior citizens. A social worker can either be from the private or public sector. If the social worker is from the private sector, you will be required to pay fees. If the social worker is a public social worker, their services will be free of charge.

My Elderly Parent Needs a Social Worker, Now What?

Your elderly loved one’s autonomy has been compromised, and you need some help. You will require a geriatric social worker when you need to have a global assessment of your loved ones’ needs. A geriatric social worker will complete a psychosocial evaluation. This evaluation will consider the person’s level of functioning, living situation, financial situation, and family situation. This report may be used to locate a new living environment. It may also be required if you need to homologate a mandate. There may be several other reasons that you may require a psychosocial evaluation. I have only listed a couple of reasons.

Finding A Social Worker

Finding a social worker for your elderly parents is not a difficult task. Here are several ways that you can find a social worker:

  • Try to find a social worker that a friend or other family member has used in the past.
  • Contact your local hospital and ask to be referred to the Social Services Department. Once you get connected with a hospital social worker, ask them for a list of social workers that can be found in the community. To be able to use the services of a hospital social worker, the person requiring services must be hospitalized.
  • Contact your community care clinic and ask to speak with social services. Most community care clinics have social workers. Most often, the waiting lists are long to meet with these social workers. Social workers that work in care clinics usually public workers and do not charge fees.
  • Contact your local Association of Social Workers bureau. These are private social workers and they will charge a fee for their services.

If you are hiring a private social worker, it is best to make sure they are part of their Professional Order. This will ensure the social worker is following a proper code of ethics.

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